Tony Lutwyche, described by both the Financial Times and The Independent as ‘the most important figure in English tailoring’, has established a reputation in both the UK and USA as one of the world’s leading bespoke clothiers. 


When his wife took Silk, Tony witnessed a level of product and service available from those traditionally providing legal clothing that he thought could be bettered. He decided to take up the challenge and set his world class tailoring workshop the task of making court dress for QCs.


The team quickly perfected the art of making bespoke court dress and subsequently have made for many of the QCs he has met.

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“Thank you so much for making my jacket - the fabric is beautiful and it fits perfectly”.

Kate Lumsdon QC

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“I am delighted with my Lutwyche Bespoke jackets,  they are well crafted and fit beautifully. - hence I have bought two!”.

Caroline Haughey QC

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“Absolutely delighted with my kit. Superb fit and excellent service”.

Peter Glenser QC

The Lutwyche process reflects the personalised luxury bespoke experience that is at the heart of what Lutwyche does. Each garment is fully bespoke and made by hand from start to finish at the Lutwyche workshop in Crewe, England, which has been a tailoring institution since the 1930s. 


As well as legal clothing, Lutwyche produces fine bespoke tailoring and also ready-to-wear pieces created by the Tony Lutwyche Academy which was set up to support the future of English tailoring.